Think About Your Dog When Doing a Home Remodeling Project

When you do a home improvement project, an addition, bathroom renovation or kitchen update, don’t forget to think about your four-legged friend. Depending on the project, home remodeling can be stressful for a pet and even dangerous. So how can you keep your pet safe and comfortable during the process?  PetPlus ( some excellent advice:

1. Inspect Your Home

Before doing any serious remodeling, you should have your home inspected to check for lead-based paint, mold, and asbestos insulation. These things require special handling and removal as they can really irritate a pet’s respiratory system.

2. Supervise or Contain Your Pet

If you plan to have workers in your home, don’t expect them to look after your pet, keep doors closed, or be aware of safety hazards, such as loose nails or open paint cans. Supervise your pet when you can and contain them when you can’t. For very busy or loud days, you may also want to consider taking your pet to daycare or dropping them off with a responsible friend or family member.

3. Ask Workers to Alert You When Using Hazardous Materials

Remodeling may involve sprays, fumes, paints, and other toxic or irritating substances that could harm your pet. Ask workers to tell you if they are using anything dangerous, and if they are, remove your pet from the house for the day. If you’ll be doing projects yourself, try to select products that are natural and pet-safe.

4. Work Outside When Possible

Is there cutting, spraying, or painting that can happen outside of the house? This will help to reduce dust and irritants inside.

5. Offer a Safe Space For Your Pet

If your pet will be home while work is taking place, offer them a safe and quiet place to rest, such as a private room with a closed door. Move your pet’s essentials (such as hus crate, food, water, and toys) inside of the room, and place a sign on the door indicating that it should stay closed. This not only provides your pet with a place to escape loud noises and commotion, it will also protect your pet from dust and odors that could irritate them or cause an allergic reaction.


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