Kitchen Ideas: Bermuda Triangle or Perfect Triangle?

Making Your Kitchen Easier to Work In

The kitchen is the most used room in the house.  At parties, guests seem almost magnetically drawn to the kitchen.  That’s where the food and drinks are, so this makes sense.  But when you’re cooking before they arrive, is your work triangle like the Bermuda Triangle?

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The work triangle refers to the triangle created between your stove, refrigerator, and the sink.  These three “areas” are some of the most important components.  If you have a small kitchen – and as a result, a small work triangle – you almost don’t have enough space to maneuver.  On the other hand, if your work triangle is too big, you not only run yourself to death, but you also have to carry heavy dishes long distances.

Work Triangle Basics

Long ago, when designers started paying attention to how kitchens function day-to-day, they realized there was a natural triangle of traffic for whomever was doing the cooking.  Through years of research they discovered some figures and principles of sound kitchen design.

  • No one side of the triangle should be greater than nine feet or less than four feet.  If you slightly exceed or don’t meet these measurements, this doesn’t mean that your kitchen is dysfunctional.  However, you should measure the distance to each triangle component to see exactly how your kitchen measures up.  If you notice that you feel cramped on one side or can barely make it to the sink with a pot of boiling water on the other, then you might benefit from a kitchen remodel.


  • The triangle should not be interrupted by traffic or cabinetry.  If your work triangle dimensions are correct, but they don’t include walking around the island to get to the stove, or that people are always moving to the trashcan or standing by the refrigerator, then maybe kitchen traffic needs to be detoured.


  • The perimeter of the triangle should measure no more than 26 feet and no less than 12 feet.  If you have a small kitchen and each component is four feet away from the other, there’s not much you can do.  But consider how easy it is to work in your kitchen.  If something always feels a bit off when you are preparing a big meal, interior designers can help to restructure your kitchen.

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