Home Improvement: Legislature Passes Statute That Can Cost You an Extra 15%

Is My Re-Roof Job Really Going To Cost An Extra 15% On Top Of The Cost Of Reroofing?


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The following explanation of this article’s title is based upon Florida Statute 553.844 as approved by The Legislature. Please do not shoot the messenger!

No – the good news paragraph

If you do not live in a site-built, single-family residential structure (duplex, attached townhouse, mobile home), this Florida statute and its possible extra cost of performing a reroof job does NOT apply to your house. If the permit for your house was issued after March 1, 2002 (under the Florida Building Code), the answer is no. The answer is also no if your house has a just valuation for the structure for purposes of ad valorem taxation of less than $300,000. Lastly, the answer is no if installation of roof-to-wall connections at gable ends or all corners would cost more than 15% of the cost of reroofing.


If the permit for your house was issued prior to March 1, 2002 and has a just valuation for the structure for purposes of ad valorem taxation of $300,000 or more, the answer is maybe. The exact wording of Florida Statute 553.844 reads “…so that the cost of such improvements does not exceed approximately 15 percent of the cost of reroofing.”
If work must be performed, the priority for upgrades is securing all gable ends and corners first, then truss to wall connections – with priority given to the longest trusses first. If all of the above can be accomplished for less than 15% of the reroof cost, the Florida legislature is fine with that.

Verification of whether or not improvements must be made should be performed by an authorized mitigation inspector. Your house may be acceptable as is. Authorized inspectors include (licensed) home inspectors, building code inspectors, general contractors, building contractors, residential contractors, professional engineers, and architects.

…Or Perhaps More Than 15%

If you are planning on performing any kind of project of $50,000 or more (re-roofing included) and your house has a just valuation for the structure for the purpose of ad valorem taxation of $750,000 or more, you must install hurricane protection (shutters or impact windows/doors) for all openings if this work has not already been completed.


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