Home Improvement: TV Show Remodeling is Not Reality

REALITY SHOW CONSTRUCTION – “Homeowners’ Funds Essentially Pay the Cost of Creating a Stage Set”


Sometimes the truth about home improvement is shocking...

Sometimes the truth about home improvement is shocking…

Back in October, I posted a blog about the “ABC’s” of reality shows and home remodeling. Sadly, a couple from Raleigh, North Carolina did not read the blog! They turned to HGTV network’s “Love It Or List It” last year when they were considering renovating a rental property they had in Raleigh and moving into it with teenage foster children.

“The couple contend that not only were they victims of shoddy work, they also suffered from a breach of contract, unfair trade practices in violation of North Carolina’s general contractor laws and a “bizarre” business model that creates an “inherent conflict of interest” for a production company that makes most of its money on TV advertising, ” according to an article in the Miami Herald.

Furthermore, “The couple allege that ‘Love It Or List It’ did not use a licensed architect to develop renovation plans, that they never were shown houses on the market by any North Carolina licensed real estate agent who had the ability to broker the sale of those homes and were left to put up with ‘disastrous work done by Big Coat and its subcontractors.'”

Reality home remodeling shows should be used for inspiration only.

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