Remodeling Reality Shows – the ABC’s


The ABC’s of home improvement reality shows may be a shock to you!

A – Always Believe What You See (NOT!)

Since 2000, when Trading Spaces hit the airways, networks have been creating more and more remodeling/home improvement shows to capture viewers. The theme is always the same: quick, easy, and cheap.

Of course, when I watch these shows I know that quick, easy, and cheap are not three words I would ever use when quoting a remodeling project – but many people who call me about jobs believe what they see on TV.

What you don’t see is that the shows are really taped over weeks if not months. Don’t let home renovation shows trick you into thinking you’ll be able to tear out all the walls and completely change the layout of the kitchen during a 3-day weekend. Besides, inspectors don’t work weekends!

B – Biggest Myth (How Long Will it Take?)

The programs show homeowners quickly demolishing a kitchen. What you don’t see is the large crew really doing it! The shows have an entire team working quickly behind the scenes, but they are not on camera. What you see is typically staged and edited to make a nice television show and not the real process.

Cost – It Only Costs $2,500 to Update the Kitchen (Another Reality Show Myth)

Cost is another thing that surprises most first-time renovators. Shows claim an entire kitchen or bathroom remodel was done for a couple thousand dollars but don’t tell you about labor that was supplied by local contractors to have their name listed in the credit or deals that were pre-arranged for materials. They also don’t tell you about any costs that were absorbed by the show.

You might be surprised by what the real costs are for updating a bathroom or kitchen, especially when walls or appliance locations need to be relocated. When floors may have to be cut to re-route plumbing or electrical wiring has to be brought up-to-date and compliant with current codes costs add up quickly.

The $5,000 television “phantom” cost could be more like $25,000 in real life! Small budgets may be great for a new coat of paint and surface changes but not for a major, professionally completed remodeling project.

Talk to a remodeling professional to discover the real cost to complete the work.

Do It Yourself

Don’t let your ego make you think you are better than the clueless homeowner you saw on television. It’s so easy to think “I can do that just like I saw on TV.”

Remember, behind every clueless homeowner filming on television is a remodeling professional guiding them, if not actually doing the work for them. You don’t want to burst a pipe, cut into electric wiring, or leave your house in worse shape than before you started. Reality television is NOT reality – it’s entertainment.

Installing cabinets, laying tile, moving and building walls are not necessarily for weekend-warriors.

Reality home remodeling shows should be used for inspiration only.

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Todd Perry, a State of Florida Certified Building Contractor and president of Leading Edge Homes, Inc., provided this information.

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