Home Improvement: Staying Home While Adding On

Will We Be Able To Stay In Our House While The Addition Or Remodel Is Being Built?

construction-webBefore hiring any home improvement contractor, think about the answer you get to this question.  While every room addition is different, I have never needed the homeowners to move out during construction of their project. Sure, if the entire interior had to be redesigned for wheelchair access or a second floor is to be built over existing living area, you will probably have to move out.

Like All Home Improvement Projects, A Room Addition May Cause Some Inconveniences

There may, however, be inconveniences like the following:

  • If existing bedrooms are being expanded into the addition, the occupants may need to move their furniture to another part of the house and sleep in the family room or bunk-in with someone else once the existing separation wall must be removed
  • If the garage is being converted into living space, the car(s) may need to be kept outside and a new place found for all your stuff.
  • If the HVAC system has to be relocated or the ductwork added to, there may be a period of time when you have no air conditioning.
  • If your outdoor shed has to be demolished and it currently houses your water heater, washer, and dryer, you may be without hot water and/or laundry facilities for a while.

With Proper Planning You Home Remodeling Experience will be Stress Free

And… ultimately the project will be completed and after a few weeks of enjoying your new space, any inconveniences will soon be forgotten.


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