Online Contractor Referrals: The Hidden Truth

Online contractor referral services are really pay to play... Just you may not pay directly.

Online contractor referral services are really pay to play… Just you may not pay directly.

An article was published in the Seattle Times online last week.   As background, Seattle is the home of Amazon, Porch, and Pro.com, three of the big players in the lead-generation industry.  (Hmmm… this is suspiciously convenient!)

BIG RED FLAG – No reputable contractor gives a price for a project without first seeing the house, site conditions, asking the homeowners detailed questions, etc.


The article’s goal was to let homeowners know they should be going online and using lead-generating companies to find a contractor.  One of the things the article says is: “The technology enables customers to find contractors, price jobs and even schedule appointments – without leaving the couch.”
Although the article doesn’t directly say it, it comes pretty darned close to saying contractors can’t be trusted without the oversight of lead-generation companies:
“It’s an industry that totally lacks transparency and trust,” said Pro.com CEO Matt Williams.

Lead Generation Companies Don’t Vet Contractors

So, lead-generating companies are marketing themselves to homeowners as the only way to find a trustworthy contractor.  But what’s in it for these companies?  They want to sell each lead to as many as four contractors, who then have to either raise their prices or cut corners to cover the lead costs. In reality, homeowners will be the ones paying for the use of these middlemen even though their service is touted as “free”.


These companies do no better of a job vetting a contractor than you can, and they don’t want to.  They just want to sell leads.  So long as a contractor keeps buying leads, they’re happy and have no reason to ban them.

Best Way to Find A Trustworthy Contractor

In reality, the best way for a consumer to find a trustworthy contractor online is to visit contractors’ websites and watch videos from, and talk to, their clients. Consumers can and should vet a contractor (such as checking for licenses, insurance, references, etc.), but testimonials from past clients are priceless.
These lead generation companies don’t understand how the industry works; they just want to make money off it.  They don’t realize that remodeling and specialty contractors don’t provide a commodity, they provide a service.  Having repairs done, or a bookcase built, isn’t like buying a book or a dress or a pair of shoes that can be returned.

Home Remodeling Done One House At A Time

Contrary to the theme of the article, the home remodeling industry hasn’t moved online.  It’s still done one home at a time, one project at a time, using the hands of craftsmen who know their trade and do it well.


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