Kitchen Ideas: Home Improvement Lighting Options

Kitchen Lighting Options

Kitchen lighting options have come a long way since the days of one surface-mounted fixture in the center of the room.  The ‘70s and ‘80s trend of cove lighting was an improvement but still far from optimal.

Palm Beach County Popular Home Improvement Lighting Ideas

Today there are many choices a kitchen remodeling contractor might suggest, but the following are the most popular in Palm Beach County:

Leading Edge Homes-Inc. Kitchen Remodel Lighting

Kitchen Idea: Add pendant lighting to dress-up your kitchen and provide better lighting above an island.


  • Recessed spot lights – usually four spread evenly around the kitchen and one over the sink
  • Pendant lights – usually three over an island or peninsula
  • Under cabinet – can be florescent or xenon type but LED is used most
  • Above wall cabinet – again usually LED and illuminates the rest of the wall and part of ceiling

Don’t Forget

Regardless of which type of lights you select, make sure you will have plenty of general light and task light.  Also remember that the higher the ceiling, the less light that makes it down to countertop level so adjust the quantity, type, and bulbs used accordingly.


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