Home Remodeling and New Construction Are NOT The Same

When planning to do a home remodel, bathroom renovation, kitchen update, a home room addition, it is important that your home improvement contractor is experienced at home remodeling – not just building new homes.

Home Remodeling and Addition

Home remodeling and room additions require experienced home improvement specialists like Leading Edge Homes, Inc.

Different Skill Set Required for Remodeling

Changing an existing space requires a different skill set, and sometimes different tools, than creating a new space where none has existed before.  A home remodeling expert is typically not surprised by less than perfect existing conditions, mistakes made by previous owners or contractors, or other obstacles.  They expect it and know how to deal with it.  This is a talent a builder does not have to acquire.

Builders do not work with homeowners in their home on a daily basis.  Home remodeling specialists are used to performing their work while homeowners go about their life around them.  When homeowners become anxious about seeing a portion of their home get destroyed, remodelers know how to counsel them through the process and confirm to them that the end result will be worth the temporary stress.  More importantly, remodelers know how to handle the inevitable surprises that occur once demolition begins and assure the homeowner that they will be handled properly.

Protecting the Home

Builders do not need to be concerned about dust and protecting existing surfaces that are not planned on being replaced.  Remodelers know how to erect temporary plastic walls and are familiar with the use of various specialty products used to protect floors, tubs, trim, countertops, etc.  A good remodeler will also keep the work and exterior staging areas clean and neat.

Home remodeling is a totally different world than new home construction.  Choose the leader of your project wisely to avoid costly mistakes.

Remodeling Has A Different Cost Structure

A builder’s price may not be his final price.  Builders are typically not familiar with the extra costs involved in remodeling, like sub-contractors’ minimum charges, price per item for small quantities, or premiums charged for using a crew for a partial day to name a few.  You may find yourself being presented with numerous change orders and additional work authorizations due to the builder’s inexperience.
Many builders have gotten into remodeling work because new home construction is slow. After they lose money on a couple of remodeling jobs due to their being unfamiliar with the cost differences inherent in remodeling work, they may not be in business to honor warranties.  If they do survive, they will go back to new home construction when business picks up and you will be a very low priority if they even respond to your warranty work request.


Selecting a remodeling company isn’t like buying a dining room set. You can’t simply compare prices and choose the one that requires the lowest investment. Due to varying skill levels and range of professionalism within the remodeling industry, there is no way to compare apples to apples. Home remodeling is probably as far from commodity buying as you can get.

Remodeling your home is more like buying an unfinished piece of art. Your home is the sculpture or painting where the work has already begun. Your remodeling contractor is the artist who uses his skills and creativity to finish the work to make your home into a masterpiece that transforms your home and builds comfort into your life.

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