Ten Hats (or titles)Your Remodeling Contractor Wears  

Home remodeling contractors are more than a builder...

Home remodeling contractors are more than a builder…

It may be hard to believe… but your home remodeling specialist does more than construction.  He also is a…


Remodeling is stressful –  there are delays, dust, etc.  Sometimes clients just want to vent about something that happened at work.  If we think we can somehow segue into getting them to finally deciding what calming color they would like us to paint their new bedroom, we’ll probably hang in there.


There are many parties involved in a project – homeowner, sub-contractors, inspectors, materialmen.  When disagreements or issues occur, someone has to keep the peace or straighten things out.  Since the contractor has the most at stake, he usually must take on this role.

Marriage Counselor.

Often husbands and wives can not agree on design, window placement, colors, and the many other decisions that must be made on the typical project.  Often times they don’t communicate clearly with each other.  A good contractor never takes sides, but coaxes a decision without ruffling any feathers.

Financial Advisor.

Contractors are used to dealing with banks, insurance agents, and the mortgage process.  Use their expertise, especially when they recommend having 10 – 20% of the contract price available in a contingency fund to take care of any unforeseen problems that may arise or upgrades you may add along the way.


There are many notes that contractors take before and during a project, not to mention texts and emails that must be acted upon.  A contractor must keep an accurate record of all communications to successfully complete a project with happy homeowners.


Clients sometimes get carried away with their wishes before and once a project has started.  It’s the contractors job to explain the financial and time implications for each requested change.

Real Estate Advisor.

Contractors sometimes see as many houses in a neighborhood as Realtors do.  They can often tell you if you are overimproving your house, not to mention how much the project you are considering will cost.  Honest ones will tell you if it would be more cost effective to move than improve.

Your Home’s Best Friend.

Contractors are very observant people.  If we see a clogged up HVAC filter, we will tell you.  If we hear grinding bearings in a pool or irrigation pump, we will tell you.  If we smell a burning electrical component, we will tell you.  We are “house whisperers”!


Engineers, carpenters, block masons, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers – they all use terms that are foreign to most homeowners.  Contractors speak many “languages” and know exactly when to explain when that look on a homeowners face says “Huh?”


When not wearing one or more of the hats explained above, contractors get to put on a toolbelt and actually construct something.  Although a cell phone might seem to be our most used tool, we really do know how to use a hammer and circular saw.

Todd Perry, a State of Florida Certified Building Contractor and president of Leading Edge Homes, Inc., provided this information.

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