Home-Repair: Roof and Gutter Repairs / Maintenance

Water Stains on the Ceiling and In the Attic

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If you live in South Florida, every day seems like a rainy day and the afternoon storms are quite strong.  If you are noticing stains on your ceilings or leaks in your attic, it may be a result of broken or packed gutters or cracks in your roof or flashing.

Gutter Maintenance

Inspect and clean your gutters and make sure they are free of debris. Also, make sure your gutter connections are sound and the downspouts are clear.

Roof Tiles Cracked / Discolored or Broken Shingles

If you notice your roofing tiles are broken, cracked or missing, it is a sign that they need to be replaced. Walking on your roof, if you are not careful, can also cause tiles to crack and damage your roof.

Use a Camera From the Ground to Inspect Your Roof

To check your roof – without using a ladder and walking on your roof, zoom in with a camera to inspect from the ground.  Gutter cleaning and repairs require that you use a ladder.  If you are ladder-shy contact Leading Edge Homes, Inc. and we will assist you with this project.

When to Call a Professional – Like Leading Edge Homes, Inc.

If you have water-stained drywall – do not replace it yourself. You may need mold remediation. Let a professional assess the situation so you don’t risk spreading mold spores into your home.

Also, the safety risk isn’t worth it for repairing or replacing anything on the roof.  Leading Edge Homes, Inc. is a state licensed roofing contractor!

If you are ladder-shy or don’t own a ladder, contact a professional for your gutter cleaning and repairs. Safety first!

If you have specific questions about any home improvement project, please call me at 561-795-2551 or email me at: todd@leadingedgehomes.com and I’ll be happy to share my knowledge with you.

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