Renovate Your Bathroom – Your Lighting May Make Your Makeup Look Wrong

While kitchen and family room lighting is given plenty of forethought, bathroom lighting, in general, is not given nearly enough. I can’t begin to count how many bathrooms I have been in, pre-remodeling, that were illuminated by one surface-mounted light fixture in the middle of the room.

While having recessed light fixtures mounted directly over each sink, the toilet, the shower, and the tub is a big improvement, it is not optimal for applying makeup. Recessed lights over a mirror cast shadows over your face which not only makes it difficult to see, it also makes you look older. It’s also the reason why makeup can look differently when outside of the house than it did when applied. So what’s the solution?

Makeup lighting needs to come from the sides – think sconces. When lighting is at roughly eye level and at the sides it casts even lighting across the face. If this is not possible due to space, an alternate mounting location is directly on the mirror. Remember to use cool white light bulbs which render skin tone the most accurately.

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