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Top Consumer Complaints of 2014

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Unfortunately, the home improvement industry as a whole took two of the top five consumer complaints according to a report published by the Consumer Federation of America.  Although misrepresentations by car dealers took the top spot, shoddy home repair jobs was #2 and “services”, which definitely includes the home improvement industry, was #5.  Leading Edge Homes, Inc. wants your home remodeling experience to be stress free!


  1. Home Improvement & Construction:

The top complaint was “Shoddy work, failure to start or complete the job.” That is why we recently reminded you to do your due diligence when hiring a home remodeling contractor.

  1. Services

People who hired lawyers, real estate brokers and other service people had grievances about their help not having proper licenses, misrepresenting their service or doing shoddy work. Florida requires that a contractor be licensed for many home improvement contracts. Verify a contractor’s license and that they are licensed to do the type of project you want. Click here for a list of services that requires a Florida license.

How Do Palm Beach County Homeowners Protect Themselves?

Go to for lots of free, helpful advice to keep you from being a victim.


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