Home Remodeling to Make Your Home Hurricane-Resistant

Making Your Home Hurricane-Resistant

No home is hurricane-proof… but you can make changes to make it more hurricane-resistant.

Is your house ready for the winds? Contact Leading Edge Homes, Inc. for a home check-up.

What Should You Do?

Like My Safe Florida Home, Leading Edge Homes, Inc. recommends:
● Improving the strength of your roof deck attachment if needed by adding more nails and/or longer nails that attaches the plywood to your trusses to prevent the plywood from being blown off during a hurricane.
● Creating a secondary water barrier to prevent water intrusion. There are products that cover and seal the joints between the plywood sheets on your roof. This will reduce leakage if your shingles are blown off.
● Improving the survivability of your roof covering by upgrading to stronger and thicker hurricane-resistant roof shingles, attached with properly sized and applied roofing nails. This reduces the likelihood of a shingle failure.
● Bracing gable-ends of your roof framing to lessen the chances that your roof will collapse under hurricane wind loads.
● Reinforcing roof-to-wall connections. For example, installing metal tie-down straps that attach roof rafters to wall studs to decrease the chances that all or part of your roof will lift up from your house during a hurricane.
● Upgrading exterior wall-opening protections by installing hurricane-rated window shutters or impact glass windows.
● Upgrading exterior doors. For example, replacing a standard garage door with a hurricane-rated garage door.


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