Home Remodeling: Add On or Move Out?

Add on or Move Out?

Which door you choose – a room addition, a new home, or nothing at all depends on your personal choices. There are many hard costs and personal costs that should help you decide.

Is It More Cost Effective To Move To A Bigger House Or Add On?

There’s no easy answer for this question.  Often it depends on how much value the addition adds and whether the addition will price you out of the neighborhood.

Questions You need to Ask Yourself?

Can you find an existing house with the additional space for less than the price of an addition?

How easily can you sell your home?

Will you be able to carry two homes if you find a home that fits your needs but haven’t sold your current home?


It’s Not Just Hard Costs

Other things to consider include the cost of moving, closing costs, if it’s a new house the cost of window treatments, etc.

Sometimes there are other factors to consider besides cost that make adding on more desirable:

  •   not disrupting children in school
  •   convenience of existing home’s location
  •   great neighbors
  •   getting the new space built to your exact specifications
  •   no plans to move for 10 years or more, etc.

Doing any home remodeling project is a personal decision and only you can weigh what is best for you and your family.

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