Hiring a Home Remodeling Professional: 1 in 5 Seniors Victimized By Scams


Nothing makes our blood boil more than seniors, or anyone else, be scammed by “contractors.”

1 in 5 Victimized by Scams

According to a recent article in the Palm Beach Post, 1 in 5 seniors have been victimized by scams… including home improvements.

The Knock on the Door Scam

One story sited in the article talked about a 92 year-old woman who was “offered what sounded like a good deal to repave her driveway.” She was told, by the woman who knocked on her door (RED FLAG) that her family’s business was finishing a job down the street, had materials left over, and could give her a low price.  But all they did was take up front fees and did no work.  This story is a common one.

The Pay Up Front Scam

Here’s another one about a woman who paid for her kitchen to be remodeled by an unlicensed contractor who paid up front and was left with nothing in her kitchen. The victim paid everything up front and then was asked for more money. This is what she was left with.

Press on the picture below to hear the victim’s story!


Unlicensed contractor arrested

Only Hire A Licensed Contractor

For your safety, financial well-being, and to get your home remodeling project done properly… only hire a licensed contractor



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