HELP! There is a Water Stain on My Ceiling

Air Vent StainingWhy Is There A Water Stain On My Ceiling Next To An A/C Vent?

Now that summer is in full swing, the temperature inside your attic can be well over 100 degrees.  The temperature inside your air conditioned house is probably between 72 and 80 degrees.

Construction Details Count

If there is an air gap between the register “can” and the ceiling drywall, condensation (water) will form on the warm side because of the extreme temperature differential and drip onto the drywall leaving a stain when the drywall dries out.  Do not fear.  There is a solution for this problem.

How To Solve The Problem

First, remove the grill from the ceiling.  Then, carefully spray expandable foam between the register “can” and the drywall that surrounds it.  I say carefully because the foam can drip, or if too much is applied, it can get over everything and it’s difficult to clean up.

Once the foam is completely dry, tear off any excess foam and spray the water-stained ceiling drywall with oil-based Kilz (white pigmented shellac).  Once the Kilz dries, touch up the ceiling with matching paint and reinstall the grill.

Problem solved!


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