Bathroom Ideas: Funky Stylish Grab Bars Hide You Need Help

Do I Have To Show I’m Getting Older?

The short answer is no.  Members of the baby-boomer generation now have new concerns in the bathroom, but they would rather not announce it to the world.  As more people age in place (right at home), safety is on their minds when they remodel the master and even guest bathroom.

Stylish Grab Bars Add Bathroom Safety

Great bathroom idea: A toilet paper holder that doubles as a grab bar!

While grab bars make navigating the shower or getting up from the toilet safer, the typical stainless steel ones with exposed screws look like they would be more appropriate in a hospital than in a private residence.  Fear not!  There are manufacturers that make stylish ones with concealed mounting hardware, “funky” shapes, and in chrome, brushed nickel, and polished nickel finishes.

Instead of installing one of those thick, plastic toilet seat risers that scream “ugly”, look for a toilet that is labeled as universal height, or ADA compliant.  The toilet, with seat installed, will be 17″ to 19″ off the floor – a comfortable height for most people.  I also recommend using a “soft close” seat which slowly closes by itself after giving the seat only a slight nudge toward the closed position.

Roll-Out Shelves Add Additional Safety

Stretching to reach items in the back of a base cabinet can be dangerous.  Instead of risking losing your balance, install roll-out shelves. If you have room on top of the counter, consider adding a tower with doors and/or drawers to avoid bending altogether.

Using a rubber mat with suction cups on the back side is great for the shower floor.  It is extremely functional, gives terrific traction, makes bathing less stressful, and yet it can be removed when guests are coming over.

Baby boomers have many more years of life ahead of them so they may as well make their bathroom work well for them.  The beauty of the above suggestions is that style is not compromised for safety, and your home can still be shared with people of all ages.

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