Bathroom Ideas – Choosing a Vanity Sink / Bowl


The new vanity for your bathroom make look great in the store and the price is too hard to _MG_1996pass up.  You think the vanity will look perfect in your home. However, like so many things in life, you get what you pay for.


A past client of mine found out the hard way and it cost her over $700 to correct the problem.  She purchased her “prefect vanity” from a furniture / art store.  What she didn’t know was that the vanity had a vitrous china bowl (what some of you refer to as the sink) made in Mexico.  Others are made in China, Spain and elsewhere.

Vitrous china bowls are glazed and MUST have either a sticker on them stating what bathroom-sinksAmerican or Canadian safety standard they have passed or have manufacturer’s documentation stating what American or Canadian safety standard they have passed.  For tempered glass vessels (bowls that sit on top of the counter like in the picture to the left) there is a Canadian safety standard they must pass.  Plumbing inspectors check for this.  Without the proof…  you will have to purchase a bowl and have it installed in your cabinet.

Don’t fail an inspection needlessly.

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