Always Use a Licensed Contractor

A Licensed Contractor Would Never Let This Happen

Several weeks ago, Leading Edge Homes, Inc. received a frantic call from a potential client in Lake Worth,FL.  Palm Beach County building and code enforcement were going to begin fining him for the work done to his home. He had hired an unlicensed contractor to put on an addition to his house and he needed to have it completed by a licensed contractor.

What Went Wrong

The walls weren’t the right height. The floor was too low. The washing machine wasn’t connected to the septic system. There was no means of egress to escape a fire in the new bedroom. The walls weren’t properly fastened. The roof was rotting and the wrong pitch. And so much more!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

This video, from Sarasota County, Florida, could have been produced right here in Palm Beach County and at the house that Leading Edge Homes, Inc. looked at.

The house had similar problems and unfortunately the cost was too high for the homeowner to correct all of the defects in the home. He may lose the house!

If You A Purchasing A Home

Ask questions and see if the house had any modifications made to it. Make sure you have it inspected.  Contact a licensed contractor to look at the home. A licensed contractor should be able to see if there was an addition built on the house and notice and violations that don’t meet the Florida Building Code. Having the knowledge is power.


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